What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening Kit 

Teeth whitening kit products aim to remove surface stains on the tooth and penetrate the enamel, to break down the discolored molecules within. No one’s pearly whites can be pearly forever! Over the years, the food and beverages that you’ve had have stained your teeth from within and thus, brushing and flossing would never be enough to whiten your teeth. But how do teeth get stained from within? That brings us to the first fact about teeth whitening!


Activated Charcoal

Many teeth whitening kits contain abrasive ingredients that work to polish your teeth in order to remove the stains on the enamel. This can be effective, but also damaging if not done correctly. An example of this is activated charcoal teeth whitener. Charcoal is an excellent binding agent and works well when it comes to absorbing surface stains on your teeth. However, some users don’t follow the directions carefully and end up scrubbing their teeth rather than gently applying and rinsing away. Our kit will help you bring back your bright smile shop our whitening kit here


UV and LED Lamps

You should also be wary of any kits that require UV or LED lights or any other form of laser whitening techniques. Without professional supervision and application, you could potentially be causing damage without knowing it.


Risks of At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

The bottom line is you only get one set of adult teeth, so you should be careful when it comes to any type of at-home treatment. Without a dental professional to supervise the application of bleaching or abrasive whitening agents, you could potentially be causing irreversible damage to your teeth and mouth. Additionally, at-home teeth whitening kits generally don’t produce the results they promise as quickly as advertised, leading people to overindulge or misuse the products. Book your 30-minute session.


Whitening is safe

There are no side effects associated with teeth whitening in adults. It does not harm your teeth at all! The bleaching agent only removes the stains from your teeth and the process is non-abrasive for the most part.


Whitening is not ideal for kids 

Generally, kids don’t need whitening at all, since their teeth have barely been stained. However, sometimes kids may get discolored teeth due to medications, poor oral hygiene, and other reasons (those sugary candies)! The fact is, most pediatric dentists do not recommend teeth whitening to kids.


teeth whitening kit


How to Maintain Your Good Results

Once you have used our teeth whitening products, there are things you can do to prevent stains and keep your smile as bright as possible:

  • Practice good dental hygiene, including brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and seeing us for your routine cleanings
  • Be aware of major stain culprits, such as red wine, tomato-based foods, energy drinks,  tea and coffee
  • Rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking so that stain causers don’t sit on your teeth
  • Don’t smoke

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