• 1 X LED lamp
  • 5 x 100% natural teeth whitening kits
  • 2 x pairs of LED glasses
  • 1 x pull-up banner
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You don’t have to be a professional to use the PURE Smile Teeth Whitening system.

We are here to assist you:

The PURE Smile Teeth Whitening solution is very easy to use. You don’t need any specific skill and you don’t need to be a professional (i.e. Dentist, Hygienist). The client performs the process themselves during the session: it is a self-administered process.

PURE Smile technique STEP BY STEP:

  1. Hold the tooth shade guide up to your teeth and mark your current shade. Rather check with natural light and in front of a mirror.
  2. Be seated on a comfortable chair.
  3. Open one of the oral wipes to clean your teeth. Use the white side of the wipe to rub over your teeth.
  4. Remove the mouth guard and the syringe from the kit. Remove the lid of the syringe. Hold the mouth guard vertically in one hand and inject 2.5ml of the gel on either side of the mouth guard (holding the mouth guard vertically prevents the gel from running during this step).
  5. Insert the mouth guard into your mouth, sinking your teeth into the gel.
  6. Wear the goggles to protect your eyes from the UV light.
  7. Press the start button on the LED lamp for the first 15 minutes of the session. Place the light 5 to 10cm from your mouth.
  8. After 15 minutes, the lamp automatically switches off (you will hear a beep noise at the last 1 minute mark).
  9. Remove the mouth guard out of your mouth and rinse both your mouth and the mouth guard.
  10. Repeat the process from step 3 to 9.
  11. Once completed, hold the tooth shade guide up to your teeth, to view the difference in shades.




Since 2011, the teeth whitening industry has become more and more popular around the world due its revolutionary results. The negative impact though, is that the teeth whitening gel in these products contains peroxide! Peroxide is an ingredient that does not comply with the European regulations and is presenting a danger for those that use the products, causing decline in their health.

During this time, the South African Health Department implemented strict regulations in order to prevent the public from being affected by the peroxides in those gels!

In order to protect our partners and their clients from this potential threat, PURE Smile became the exclusive supplier for the first 100% natural teeth whitening gel in South Africa!

According to HPCSA:

“Aesthetic procedures pertaining to the oral and peri-oral area, which includes tooth whitening procedures, are included in the professional scope.”
Only professionals are permitted to perform teeth whitening procedures on patients.

However, current legislation does not prohibit the sale of over-the-counter or self-administered teeth whitening kits.

The PURE Smile concept complies with the current legislation, given the whitening treatment is 100% self-administered. Beauty salons who offer the PURE Smile whitening system only sell a single-use kit to their clients, and put at their disposal a LED light which will activate the whitening process.

Beauty technicians are only allowed to give directions to the client as to how to use the kit, but are not allowed, in any case, to be in contact with the client’s mouth. It is a “do-it-yourself” or “self-administered” procedure.

In addition, the PURE Smile gel doesn’t contain any chemicals (i.e. peroxide, carbamide). Being 100% natural it doesn’t present any health dangers such as gum irritation or teeth sensitivity.