Facts everyone should know about teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth are like sponges  

Your teeth have pores just like your skin or your sponge. Everything you put in your mouth that has pigment will be eaten by those pores. Wine, chocolate, dark berries, and smoking are extremely active in teeth staining. Through time, the normal color of your teeth is diminished by these stains. Such marks will never vanish until you consciously clean them. Properly formulated teeth whitening gel works by soaking into your teeth and softly rubbing away stains through your pores.


Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth.

Just like the aggressive brushing of your teeth, abuse of any kind can be damaging. However, if used as instructed, professional teeth whitening is incredibly safe. The whitening process uses active ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains. After each whitening session, your teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate. Shop our whitening kit here


The key to teeth whitening is the delivery device.

Many teeth whitening products on the market use common active ingredients for whitening. The distinction is the tool used to keep the whitening substance on the teeth. A fully personalized whitening tray guarantees that every line of every tooth (whether the teeth are straight or not) is coated uniformly and reliably. In comparison to the boil & bit trays, whitening strips and UV lamps, the fitted whitening trays eliminate the possibility of errors and allow you to retain your beautiful smile.


Sensitivity after teeth whitening is normal.

More than 60% of South Africans have genetically sensitive teeth. This is most commonly caused by genetics, poor enamel, or cracking / damaged teeth. Sensitivity is completely normal during the whitening process. The teeth are partially dehydrated, which decreases their ability to insulate the nerve from temperature changes. Sensitivity decreases 12-36 hours after whitening. Dentists and hygienists recommend post-whitening fluoride treatment to nourish the teeth and encourage rehydration. You can contact us prior to booking an appointment to find out if we have any whitening specials available.  Book your 30-minute session.


Stains on teeth cannot be removed overnight.



Regardless of your stains, the natural color (and genetic makeup) of an individual’s teeth are set at birth. The only thing a whitening product can do is remove all the stains that have accumulated over time. Unfortunately, most dentists will not tell you this nor will they give you any kind of refund if it doesn’t work. Smile Brilliant’s 45-day money-back guarantee gives everyone the opportunity to try professional whitening. You’ll never know just how white your teeth can be until you try. We want to provide the world with that opportunity.


teeth whitening


How to Maintain Your Good Results

Once you have used our whitening products, there are things you can do to prevent stains and keep your smile as bright as possible:

  • Practice good dental hygiene, including brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and seeing us for your routine cleanings
  • Be aware of major stain culprits, such as red wine, tomato-based foods, energy drinks,  tea and coffee
  • Rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking so that stain causers don’t sit on your teeth
  • Don’t smoke

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