Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening kits

Teeth Whitening Kit 

Teeth whitening kit products aim to remove surface stains on the tooth and penetrate the enamel, to break down the discolored molecules within. No one’s pearly whites can be pearly forever! Over the years, the food and beverages that you’ve had have stained your teeth from within and thus, brushing and flossing would never be enough to whiten your teeth. But how do teeth get stained from within? That brings us to the first fact about teeth whitening!


Whitening Toothpaste Can Only Do So Much

To really change the color of your teeth, you need to go deep. Whitening toothpaste contains a mild abrasive that scrubs the top layer of your teeth. You may see a slight improvement but since most stains occur below the surface you won’t see the dazzling white smile you were dreaming of. Our kit will help you bring back your bright smile shop our whitening kit here


You May Not Be a Good Candidate

Perfect white teeth are not attainable by everyone and the effects of teeth whitening procedures vary based on genetics. That’s because the color of your natural teeth is set at birth. Whitening procedures only lift stains and restore your teeth to their natural state. Also, if you have unhealthy gums or teeth, whitening may damage them further. Your dentist will decide if you require other dental work first.


It’s All in the Delivery

Whether you choose whitening strips or a custom-fitted mouth tray will have an impact on the results. Mouth trays deliver a whitening gel that’s designed to cover every curve of your teeth. Strips have the same ingredients, but the process takes longer due to their less exact fit. Book your 30-minute session.


Teeth Sensitivity is Normal

After having your teeth whitened they may feel a little more sensitive than usual. This is perfectly normal and will pass as the pores of your teeth minimize in size once again.


Whitening Treatments are Not Permanent

If after treatment you go right back to eating and drinking the same things you did before the whitening procedure your teeth will easily become restained. You can slow the process by brushing and rinsing after eating foods that stain and by avoiding smoking.


teeth whitening kit


How to Maintain Your Good Results

Once you have used our teeth whitening products, there are things you can do to prevent stains and keep your smile as bright as possible:

  • Practice good dental hygiene, including brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and seeing us for your routine cleanings
  • Be aware of major stain culprits, such as red wine, tomato-based foods, energy drinks,  tea and coffee
  • Rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking so that stain causers don’t sit on your teeth
  • Don’t smoke

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