Why Choose a Laser Teeth Whitening System?

Before using any whitening products or procedure, it is recommended that you are first evaluated by an oral health care professional to determine which laser teeth whitening system and program is best for you.

What causes our teeth to stain and become yellow or brown? Most people have stains on their teeth that are caused by age, smoking, coffee or tea. Other types of stains are caused by too much fluoride or unhealthy gum disease.

I know you are wondering why you should choose a laser teeth whitening system when you can use an at home kit or a whitening toothpaste that you get from the drugstore. The problem with most at home whitening kits is that studies show that patients have experience uncomfortable short term side effects when over bleaching their teeth. Hydrogen peroxide in these products can increase tooth sensitivity.

Over the counter home bleaching products can also wear down your tooth enamel and cause permanent and long term damage. White the risks are minimal, it is best if you have a bleaching procedure done under the care or a professional so that you are using a controlled application and won’t risk swallowing any hydrogen peroxide.

Choosing a laser teeth whitening system will give you maximum results if you are looking to get a whiter smile. It is fast and convenient, long lasting, proven to be safe and effective, and performed by a dental professional. Best of all it is a low sensitivity treatment so your teeth won’t feel sensitive when you drink hot or cold liquids.

Laser whitening systems don’t even compare to at home whitening systems. There are treatments that take only 45 minutes and your results will turn out to be an average of 8 shades lighter. You see immediate results that are long lasting and have less of a chance of fading back in the future.

Some at home systems run the risk of giving you worse stains in the future. If you’re a regular smoker and use their kits to whiten your teeth and then continue to smoke again, you are at risk of having even darker stains. You might darken your teeth more than they were once before! This happens because the chemicals you used to lighten your teeth react to the stains from smoking or drinking coffee and amplify the stain!

That is why you should choose a laser teeth whitening system. You will feel safe and comfortable and worry free because it is performed by a dental professional and you get the immediate results that you want. Why pay for other whitening systems that will eventually fade away and only remove superficial stains?

Source by Jennifer Langston

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