Teeth Whitening Shades

When whitening of teeth is concerned, there are numerous arguments as to what shade of color is best. Unlike other factors like body temperature, blood counts and sugar levels, there is actually no system which is standard in measuring or determining the color of a tooth or what is appropriate. Since every person is unique, and that teeth are certainly different from one individual to another, a standard in teeth whitening shades was never developed up to this present time. Although different companies and organizations made their own color charts, none is yet to be accepted as world standard.

There is however, a common reference used by a majority as a tool in knowing and classifying teeth whitening shades. The chart consists of four basic shades namely red brown, red yellow, gray and red gray. Within each shade on the chart are also several levels of darkness which enables anyone to find his or her teeth color on it. By matching your present tooth color to the one on the chart, you can then have a reference starting point fro you decide on the level of teeth whitening you may want.

The teeth whitening shades comes in varying degrees and for most people, a change of two to seven shades can create a noticeable difference. Most people prefer a gradual change of two shades per teeth whitening session or procedure so as not be noticed immediately while other want more dramatic changes by going or nine shade difference. For more dramatic results, teeth whitening using lasers and bleaching is best.

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