Teeth Whitening Procedure to Gain That White Shiny Luster

There are different ways by which you can whiten your teeth. Depending on your preference and discussion with the dentist you can opt for whitening gels and toothpaste to bleaching strips or gel with a fitted mouth tray. However the whitening procedure which has become immensely popular is laser teeth whitening. This is a pretty much lengthy process and cannot be done without the help of a dental professional.

Broadly teeth whitening procedures are divided in three sections – in-house procedure, over-the-counter kits and professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits. One of the most advanced and quick procedures is laser whitening. Your dentist will whiten your teeth with the help of a laser beam. To protect your gums from the effect of laser, a gel will be used. The procedure is quick and the results are seen immediately. The entire whitening session lasts for not more than 1 hour and you end up getting teeth which are 5-6 shades whiter.

There might be an exception in case your teeth are too stained. In this case you might have to come for a second visit as well. The reason why laser teeth whitening is so quick and effective is that in this procedure a highly reactive gel is applied. This gel contains 37% Carbamide Peroxide or 37% Hydrogen Peroxide. The gel gets activated with the help of a high intensity laser probe. Effects of this laser teeth whitening procedure last for about 12-24 months.

Apart from laser teeth whitening, you can even opt for the conventional teeth whitening methods. This will involve custom-fitted mouth trays containing bleaching gel. You will be able to see positive results within 14 days. Whitening procedures are not suitable for kids below 18 years, pregnant women and lactating women.

Unless otherwise you overdo the chemical mixture, the entire teeth whitening procedure is pretty safe. Patients often get petrified with laser teeth whitening however it is also very safe. The only problem that you might face is the sensitivity in your gums and teeth. This sensitivity goes away within a few hours or a couple of days. To take care of the sensitivity your dentist might apply a gel called as ACP gel. This gel is available with the zoom advanced whitening system.

The expected time frame for laser whitening to be completed is 1-2 hours however it might take longer. It all depends upon the condition of the teeth. This dental procedure has been quoted as one of the safest and effective dental treatments. You won’t experience any sort of bleeding as no surgical instruments will be used. The procedure is best suited for people who value their time and of course their teeth.

Stains like those made by coffee, tea and tobacco gets easily removed with the help of laser teeth whitening. You won’t be given any anesthesia however a gel will be applied on your gums. The only disadvantage of laser whitening is its cost. The over-the-counter whitening kit will cost you something from $5-$10. Take home kit will cost between $200-400 and laser teeth whitening will cost you nothing less than $300-$1000. This is the only reason why most people do not opt for in-house whitening.

Before you decide to go for any sort of teeth whitening procedure make sure that you discuss with your dentist. They will check your mouth just to be sure that you do not suffer from sort of dental condition. If at all there is any such situation, then they will first treat your dental problem and then recommend undergoing any other treatment. Furthermore your dentist will also be advice on the best and most reliable brand for your teeth whitening needs.

Source by Dr Sunil Phol

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