Teeth Whitening Pens – Are There Any Side Effects?

Teeth whitening as a whole is a”risky” process as there are many possible side effects. The first and probably the most damaging for your teeth is the destruction of the external layer of your teeth – the enamel. The function of this layer is very essential as it covers the dentin layer of teeth – enamel protects your teeth from the negative influence of some foods you eat – that’s why it is so important. You should have in mind that the destruction of the dentin layer is an irreversible process. Teeth irritation is another possible side effect after you have whitened your teeth. Your gums may also ache depending on the whitening product you have used.

The side effects, listed above, are not common for teeth whitening pens as a whole. There are some exceptions, though. As mentioned in previous publications, teeth whitening gel should not contain more than 35 % hydrogen peroxide as otherwise enamel might be seriously damaged. Most whitening pens are totally secure to use. The optimal price of a teeth pen is 15$ to 30$. There are no reported side effects as whitening pens are used regularly, which makes it possible to reduce the amounts of whitening substance, contained in the whitening gel as this doesn’t makes whitening pens a lot less effective.

So, if you have decided to whiten your teeth with a teeth pen, be careful as there are many rebill offers on the internet – read carefully before placing your order or your details for a free trial offer as there might be a “free” refill program. You can order from the website, listed below, as there aren’t any rebills.

Source by Peter Pl Yordanov

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