Teeth Whitening Naturally – Home Remedies & Other Alternatives

In today’s society, everyone wants a bigger whiter smile, and some are willing to go to amazing lengths to get one. But harsh chemical treatments can be bad for your teeth, and using a dentist for cosmetic work can become extremely expensive. These facts have driven many to seek teeth whiting treatments which can be accomplished from home naturally.

There are several home remedies which have been used safely for generations, and which even celebrities swear by. For example, it was recently featured on a popular afternoon talk show that rubbing fresh strawberries across your teeth will whiten them. This has proven especially useful for dark stains that result from smoking, and drinking coffee or dark soda. Similarly, many use baking soda, added to their toothpaste as a whitening agent. However, one should be aware that overuse of baking soda will damage tooth enamel and may contribute to gum bleeding.

Other less natural home remedies are also available from your local department store. These range from whiting toothpaste and mouth wash, to other more complicated remedies that involve overnight tray, bleaching agents, whitening strips, and brush on pastes. These products, like the more natural home remedies, vary greatly both in expense and effectiveness, and should be explored with caution.

Because the long term effects of these home remedies are unknown, and because they work with varying degrees of success, many are turning to commercially marketed, which are applied at home, and employ natural ingredients. There are several options out there, most of which are available in 15 day free trials, and which are reportedly safer for your dental health than other, less researched, options.

One such product is Premium White Pro. This is a peroxide based product that, from a chemical standpoint, is very similar to treatments applied by many dentists in the office. The peroxide works to break up the staining elements which have attached to the tooth’s enamel, resulting in whiter teeth. A second, similar product is Idol White, whose applicator resembles an ink pen or marker, and boasts a 30 second application time. It claims to contain natural ingredients that are formulated into a time-release, so that they are both gentler on your teeth, and more effective both tooth whitening, and elimination of mouth odor.

Everyone wants brighter teeth, but only you can decide how much you are willing to pay, and to risk, for the pearly shade of white. Enter any dental whitening treatment with caution, and discuss all decisions with your dentist.

Source by Renata Nyleve

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