Save Your Money With Home Teeth Bleaching

Are you really desperate for a dazzling smile, but you simply cannot afford to spend your small income on teeth bleaching products, let alone in-office teeth bleaching treatments? Do not despair; you can effectively whiten your teeth by yourself in the comfort of your home, with home remedies without having to spend a fortune.

Your home is a treasure trove of objects and products that can be used for whitening your teeth. All you need is a bowl or cup, a spoon, a brush, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. With these items you can prepare an excellent. Most households have baking soda in the kitchen for making cakes and hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant in their bathroom cabinet, so it cannot get any cheaper!

To prepare your home teeth bleaching paste, add two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with the same amount of baking soda in a bowl, and mix until you obtain a thick paste similar to toothpaste. If you want this paste to taste a little better, add a bit of regular toothpaste or mint flavoring. Then brush your teeth as you would usually for about two minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not swallow the paste, for the acidic content in the peroxide is toxic. If you do, drink a lot of water to counteract any damaging effect in may have in your stomach. Once you have finished, brush you your teeth with regular toothpaste, in order to get rid of the bitter taste of the paste.

This home teeth bleaching works wonders and is practically free! Make sure you take precautions when using the paste. Use it once and no more than twice a week, rinse well after use and never swallow. Only use this home teeth bleaching treatment when you really need it, overuse may cause gum and teeth sensitivity or even damage your mouth’s tissue.

However before you use this remedy, you have to make sure your dental condition will allow you to. People suffering from gum problems or sensitive teeth should consult with their dentists before using this home remedy. Not all of us can. If this kind of treatment is not suitable for you, do not panic, there are other very affordable teeth bleaching kits out there on the market, and you too will eventually be able to boast a perfectly white smile.

Source by Amizan Woozeer

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