Prevent Yellow Teeth – How to Stop Yellow Teeth

Having yellow teeth is a sin. Furthermore it heightens an individuals self-consciousness and it can be very damaging to their mental health. Lets face it, no one wants to have horrible teeth.

Fortunately in this day of age there are many ways to whiten teeth effectively that can be utilized from home without paying an embarrassing trip to the dentist.

First off lets look at what you can do first to get your teeth healthy, thus reducing the likelihood of yellow teeth

It is imperative that you brush your teeth with a fluoride based toothpaste after every major meal you consume during the day. This gets rid of food particles quickly. Also it is advisable to gargle water regularly.

It is important to cut down on consumption of stain inducing drinks like coffee and tea whilst also reducing altogether smoking and drinking alcohol. These are the two biggest causes of yellow teeth and constant use of these will definitely assure you a future of dingy and unpleasant teeth.

One should begin to eat healthily. Vitamin C based fruits like oranges and lemons are natural whitening agents, hence all the tales about rubbing lemon peels on the teeth.

Once healthy teeth have been achieved then one can look towards a home whitening kit.

The best home whitening kits are those that make use of the swab technique. Cotton swabs filled with a liquid whitening formula are used in conjunction with a special powder to ruthlessly remove yellow teeth.

The big plus to these kits are that they take only 5 minutes to apply, so they can easily be incorporated into one’s brushing schedule, and that your enamel is also protected totally during the process.

Source by Jessica H Moore

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