Mouth Guard Prices – Can You Pay Less By Ordering Directly From The Lab?

Just how much should you be paying for your custom fitted night guards from your dentist? The answer is probably too much. This article will discuss the different types of night guards available on the market and how much they can cost. Obviously there are the cheap versions and then there are the really expensive versions from the dentist. Don’t sell yourself short, you can order your mouth guard directly from the same manufacturing laboratory that your dentist uses.

Mouth guard prices can range from really low for the cheap do it yourself kit you can by at the local pharmacy, to really expensive. My pharmacy down the street sells a night guard kit for about $20.00USD and it claims that it is just as good as the custom fit guards. This is not true, I speak from experience. They still work, but they can be very uncomfortable and can leave your jaw muscles sore when you wake up in the morning. The process for this kit is similar to the process used in creating a mouth guard for wear on the football field. Two completely different applications for the guard and yet the company tries to pass this off as just as good as the occlusal guard from the dental office.

What if I were to tell you that you could order your night guards directly from the same manufacturing lab that your dentist uses? It is a reality and thanks to the internet, you can save lots of money. I ordered my previous two custom night guards from my dentist to the tune of $278.00 USD each! Ouch! I’m kind of poor so this was a huge dent in my wallet. I decided to start investigating other avenues for getting a custom night guard. I started to become curious as to how the entire process would work and if I trust myself enough to do this myself. When the time came for me to replace my chewed up night guard, I went to my dentist again and got the same speech. The good news was that my insurance would now cover a portion of the cost, so my total out-of-pocket expenses dropped to $95.00 USD. I still decided to start researching and I found a night guard lab online that creates the same thermal acrylic night guard that I had been wearing for years. The only difference is their total price was $78.00 USD! That is without insurance or anything. Another thing I discovered is that when dentists order from these labs, they get kick backs like vouchers for free bleaching trays, or purchasing a second night grinding guard for half price or less than $30.00 USD. That was funny, because my dentist never offered me any kickbacks like that.

So I made my order, they sent me the at home custom mouth guard kit. I completed the easy process and have been stoked ever since with all the money I have saved. They kept my molds also, so after I chew this mouthpiece up, I can order a replacement for $40.00 USD!

Source by Mitchell Pierce

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