How to Use a Teeth Whitening Pen

Using a teeth whitening pen may seem a bit unclear, but it is in fact a pretty smart and easy to use whitening product. There are many different pens and therefore they are used in different ways, the main idea, however, remains. A teeth whitening pen is actually a plastic container in the form of a pen, which contains a whitening substance, called teeth whitening gel.

Whitening gels are also manufactured by a large variety of companies and there are accordingly less effective models, tending to be cheaper of course. So, the most important parts of a pen are the plastic container and the whitening gel inside – this is one of the easiest to use whitening products.

Here is how a teeth whitening pen is used. There are only a couple of steps you are advised to follow in order to whiten teeth in a couple of weeks:

1. It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth thoroughly before using the teeth pen [out]. If you can’t do that, it’s ok, but the gel is more effective if applied on brushed teeth.

2. After having brushed your teeth, you should remove the protective cap, preventing gel from spilling out, if your pen has such and after that squeeze the plastic container or rotate the bottom of the pen in order to dispense gel.

3. Gel should be applied to enamel twice a day and it is very important that you use your pen regularly as otherwise changes may not be noticeable after the first couple of weeks.

Well, it’s that easy to use a teeth pen.

Source by Peter Pl Yordanov

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