Home Teeth Whitening – Does it Work?

Ever since I’d left home I was self-conscious about the state of my teeth. Later on, wishing I’d not consumed so many sugary foods in my youth, I decided to do something about it. Every visit to the dentist, however short, was anything but positive and complimentary. Whether it was the colour of my canines or the state of my gums, the dentist would always have something to complain about, leaving me feeling generally pessimistic and put down.

At first I thought it impossible to improve the state of my teeth without paying for expensive treatment at a special clinic. A friend of mine Jake Brown suggested I have a look on the internet, after a bit of research however, I found quite a few ‘home – teeth whitening – products’, with comments such as “Service & Product: 10 out of 10. I will be buying again soon” and “Amazing! That Hollywood smile after 2 applications!”. Great, I thought, this may be the answer to all my problems.

A few searches on the internet provided lots of safety information which I’d read before I purchased the product. Once the product arrived and I’d seen the product before my own eyes I felt perfectly okay to use it. Before and during use of the product, I avoided eating and drinking colorful beverages as its recommended you don’t, and I didn’t want to void my chances of nicely whitened teeth. I have always suffered from quite sensitive teeth and gums, and was quite worried about whether or not I would feel any discomfort. Summing up the courage, I decided to just go ahead with the procedure. While using the product I feared I may feel an odd sensation in my teeth, like when a dentist is working on them. But I suffered no pain, and it was definitely worth it those few minutes a day. After the first bleaching I could see the results already, and after a couple of days I got more and more used to the daily ritual of using the product. The effect once I had used the it for the full two weeks was dazzling, and I couldn’t quite believe the person smiling at me in the mirror was actually myself.

I have often heard teeth whitening being scrutinized but after purchasing and using this product I will not hear anything against it. And, the answer to the question “Home teeth whitening – does it work?”, is yes, yes it does, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be telling you that. A few minutes a day, for two weeks, and my life had changed for the better. One must be careful when choosing the product to use, but, if sensible, you will be ecstatic with the results.

Source by David A. Harland

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