Greet The World With A Bright White Smile By Using A Teeth Whitening Gel

If you want your beautiful white smile back, try a teeth whitening gel. These gels can now be purchased over the counter. You no longer need your dentist to do expensive bleaching sessions. Different applications are available so read on to find out which one is best for you.

If you want your teeth up to five shades whiter in one day, you should look at the tray method. This is the strongest solution you can get without going to the dentist. Kits can be purchased with trays that you can mold to fit your teeth. You will than mix the solution and place it in the tray and hold them on your teeth. You need to be careful that the solution does not come into contact with your gums because it will damage them.

The trays with the gel inside need to be kept on your teeth for up to sixty minutes. Make sure you have the time available because you cannot take them off and reapply them without having to make another solution. Once the time is up you remove the trays and rinse your mouth very well. Also, be sure to brush and make sure the solution is completely gone.

When you have more time to whiten your teeth, you can get a tooth whitening pen. This is a very convenient way to whiten your teeth. The pen has a gel inside and can be carried with you and used when you want a quick touch up. There is no rinsing involved after the application, you only have to wait about ten minutes before eating or drinking. This is how I whiten my teeth, I find that I can apply it carefully without getting the gel on my gums.

Another teeth whitening gel is a brush on application. This comes in a small bottle with the brush in the cap. You can brush the gel exactly where you want it to go. If you are only concerned with your front teeth, just brush it on those. The waiting time before eating or drinking is the same as with the pen, about ten minutes.

Any of the gels used for whitening your teeth are safe to use as long as you follow the directions. You can achieve the same results that you expect from your dentist. The only differences are in the concentration of the solution. The ones that go in the trays are much stronger than the pens or the brush on system.

You know your teeth better than anyone, and you know what the yellowing or stains came from. Some stains are caused by coffee, red wine, cigarettes or other foods and drinks. These stains may take a little longer to whiten. The gels that are sold today will get rid of these stains it is all just a matter of time.

When you are looking at a whitening system, take into consideration the time that you have available, how fast you want to see a difference and what will be more convenient for you. All of them work and will whiten your teeth up to five shades. Buying a teeth whitening gel is a great buy for anyone who wants a brighter smile.

Source by Maya Tenney

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