Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pure Smile?

PURE Smile is a 100% natural teeth whitening treatment, and is offered at over 400 of our partners

Booking your teeth whitening treatment consists of 3 easy steps:

  1. Find the nearest branch on
  2. Contact the partner and ask availability and pricing to book with them direct
  3. Get your brighter & whiter smile
How does it work?

Pure Smile is a 30 minute treatment:

  1. The 100% natural formula is placed on the top and bottom of the mouth guard
  2. You insert the guard into your mouth and we apply an LED light for 30 minutes to activate the
  3. You get to see your immediate results according to our teeth shade guide
How long does it last?

We recommend going for a treatment once a year. However if you are a smoker or a coffee, tea, red
wine drinker you might have to repeat the treatment more often.

What is the cost?

Our recommended retail price is R790.00. However our branches can dictate their own pricing. Please
contact the nearest branch on to find out what the cost will be.

Is the treatment covered by the medical aid?

Unfortunately it is not since it is considered to be a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is completely safe since our formula is 100% natural. There is absolutely no complications during
or after the treatment i.e. No gum irritation, No sensitive teeth etc.
Pregnant? No problem, it is completely safe for expecting mothers.
There is also no age limit.

Can you do the treatment it if you have crowns, caps, veneers, root canals or braces?

Yes you can. It will not affect either of those in any way, however please bear in mind that the teeth
whitening treatment only works on natural teeth.
If you have braces, you’ll have to wait for six months after removal before performing the treatment.
Due to the glue residue still being prevalent on your teeth. If you go for the treatment pre-suggested
period, the whitening will occur around the glue and will show very clearly where the glue residue still
sits on the teeth.

How many shades will I gain?

We cannot predict the result since everyone reacts differently to the treatment. However we guarantee
2 shades lighter (visible immediately) and you can gain up to 9 shades. Please bear in mind that we are
not all born with a Hollywood smile. You will not be able to go lighter than your genetic shade (the on
you were born with).

Does it remove all stains?

Like any other teeth whitening treatments, PURE Smile does not work on stains due to antibiotics,
fluorides, and chemicals present in tap water.

Do you provide any before and after pictures?

We do not provide any before and after pictures since anybody can create them with computer
software like Photoshop, which would be a misrepresentation of the real results.
We have a network of more than 400 branches in South Africa with thousands of treatments done over
the past 5 years.