Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners, also known as clear or invisible braces, can correct a number of dental problems. It can effectively correct gapped and overcrowded teeth, simple bite irregularities, crossbites, and overbites. When you have this type of aligner, you can eat any food you want since you can remove it anytime you want to.

This type of aligner can also facilitate easy oral hygiene. Since they are removable, you can easily toothbrush and floss anytime you need or want to, without any difficulty. Also, less food can get stuck between your teeth since you can remove this type of aligner every time you eat.

To continue experiencing the effects of Invisalign aligners and to maintain their good quality, you have to clean and take care of them properly. If you do not clean your invisible braces regularly, it could lead to bacterial and plaque build-up and your health could be affected. This can also have a negative effect of the life and quality of comfort of your aligners.

To make sure that your Invisalign aligners are always in good condition and are safe to use, follow the tips below:

Make sure your teeth and aligners are both clean before putting the latter on. Brush your teeth thoroughly before putting on the aligners. Also, always clean your Invisalign aligners properly by gently brushing it. If you have an Invisalign cleaning kit, use it. If you don’t, use your regular toothpaste but avoid using cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals.

Don’t eat or drink hot food and beverages if you are wearing your aligners. Remove your aligners before taking in any hot food and drinks. However, dentists recommend that you drink cool water with the Invisalign on. As a general rule though, remove your aligners before eating and drinking.

Stop smoking. Tobacco can stain both your teeth and your aligners. As such, kick this bad habit as early as now. If you can’t, don’t forget to remove your aligners before smoking.

Never chew gum while wearing you Invisalign aligners. Gum can easily get stuck to your aligners. It can be a big problem removing the gum and it can also damage your aligner.

Always store your aligners properly. Finally, when not in use, store your aligners on the case provided by your orthodontist. The case is not simply the package where you got your new aligners in; they are the best storage solution as well.

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